Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to setup JNDI for Postgres SQL Database in RAD (Rational Application Development)

How to setup JNDI in RAD (Rational Application Development)

1. Start the server

2. Run Administrative console

3. Resource -> JDBC Provider -> Select the database type (User-defined) -> Select the provider type (User-defined JDBC Provider) -> Select the implementation type (User-defined)

4. Name : jndipostgresql

5. Class path: c:\jar\postgresql-8.1dev-403.jdbc2ee.jar

6. Native library path : c:\jar\postgresql-8.1dev-403.jdbc2ee.jar

7. Implementation class name : org.postgresql.jdbc2.optional.ConnectionPoolApply

8. Click on Data sources, New-> dspostgresql JNDI name : jndipostgresql

9. Click on "Select a data source helper class" Apply

10. Click on J2EE Connector Architecture(J2C) authenticaiton data entries, New -> Alias -> postgresqluser User ID -> postgres Password -> sumanApply -> save -> Save
Again go to datasource (dspostgresql), component-managed authentication alias -> postgresqluser (2 places) Apply -> Save

11. Click on Custom properties, New -> Name -> databaseName value -> postgresapply -> Save

12. Click on Test Connection, you will get successful if every thing fine.


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